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AGA Preparatory Meeting Successfully Held in Hong Kong



(Article and cover photo reprinted from National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC)))



Many Countries Working Together to Promote the Harmonization of International Jewelry Standards

On the morning of September 19, 2019, the preparatory meeting for the establishment of AGA, led and initiated by the National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC), was successfully held in Hong Kong. National Jewelry Laboratories from countries such as China, Thailand, India, the United States, Colombia, and South Korea and representatives of the eight founding members of the industry fully discussed the preparatory work before the establishment of the AGA.

Ke Jie, Deputy Director of the NGTC said at the meeting that the purpose of AGA was to establish a working mechanism in the form of alliance, coordinate different positions and viewpoints in the jewelry appraisal process, and get rid of the differences in standards and technologies between different laboratories. Through joint development of common standards, guidelines, and rules, AGA member laboratories are able to conduct technical exchanges, comparisons, and technical training together so as to provide professional opinions and suggestions for problems encountered by enterprises and consumers. In this way, we can realize the smooth exchange of laboratories, technologies and markets in different countries and regions, spread correct knowledge and scientific and technological culture in jewelry, guide correct consumption concepts and habits, and jointly cultivate a healthy jewelry market. The delegates discussed some important contents in detail, such as the AGA's mission, tasks, articles of association, and codes of conduct, and reached consensus in principle. The meeting elected Ke Jie, Deputy Director of NGTC as AGA Chairman, and Dr. Yang Lixin, Director of NGTC Standardization Department, as AGA Secretary General.

The meeting has decided that the AGA Inaugural Meeting will be held in Shanghai during the Second China International Import Expo in November 2019.

Delegates attending this meeting are: Ke Jie, Deputy Director of National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC); Dr. Yang Lixin, Director of Standardization Department; Chen Hua, Director of Technology and Foreign Cooperation Department; Meng Xiaojun, Spokesman and Director of Publicity and Promotion Department; Ma Ruishan, General Manager of Hong Kong Laboratory; Tang Shi, Vice General Manager of Hong Kong Laboratory; Sumed Prasongpongchai, Gemological Research Institute of Thailand (GIT); Dr. Reddy AVR, Chief Coordinator of Gemological Institute of India (GII); Chen Yu, Executive Vice President of China (Shanghai) Gems & Jade Exchange (CGE); Liu Lihong, President of America Guild Gem Lab (Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Bangkok); Fan Zhaojin, Chairman of Gemological Association of Hong Kong (GAHK), Xu Jianhua, Vice-Chairman, and Dr. Shao Weizhong, Director of Certification and Labeling Program and Director of Education; Guillermo Galvis M, Colombian Emerald Exporters Association (ACODES); Gabriel Angarita, Centro de Desamollo Tecnologlcode la Esmeralda Colombiana (CDTEC); Dr. Youngchool Kim, Director of HGI, and Sunki Kim, Executive Manager, etc. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Yang Lixin, Director of NGTC Standardization Department.



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