• Gem and jade brand promotion channels are rare,Online sale is difficult,traditional transactions cost is too high to benefit.
  • Great number of registered members, break storage and budget limits; just push one button, every potential consumer can enjoy enormous information anytime and anywhere.
  • Full set of business qualifications and massive O2O resource.
  • “You set up a shop and I help to manage”, one-stop operation service, simple and efficient.

Business Overview

CSGJE manages back-stage data, introduces great number of members and massive merchandises to various business platforms; formulates sales management integration scheme for the members, and provides one-stop O2O entrusted operation service.

Business Introduction

Gem and jade shopping mall:

CSGJE sets up vertical e-commerce platform -- gem and jade shopping mall, providing one-stop service including shop design, operation and customer service. The price of merchandise is reasonable, and special offers are fair.

WeChat auction:

Forget the boundaries of time and space: WeChat fans can participate any auction in anytime and make offer immediately through mobile phone and other capable mobile devices. This service doesn’t involve cash deposit, and some merchandise has no floor price. Let the market decide fair prices.


Equipped with legal consignment sale qualification. Consignment merchandises will be displayed online and connect with massive consignment sale channels. Simple business process with flexible operation, helps to reduce members’ operation monetary pressure.

Offline events:

Possess abundant internet channels and reasonable number of high-end members, CSGJE combined them with superior geographical conditions and various performance forms, to ensure maximum effect of offline events.

Contact Us

  • 25F,8th Middle Huaihai Rd,Huangpu District,Shanghai
  • We Chat Official Accounts:shgjtc
  • +86-4008628080

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