• Complicated trading procedures .High operation liquidity pressure.
  • To build bonded warehouse in the centre of Shanghai, be capable to hold high-end exhibitions, and provide professional third party public supporting service.
  • Diversified trade modes, purchase online and inspection offline. Mega wholesale/bulk purchase, gem and jade products exhibit preview, online auction and traditional auction. All of above services could help the merchant to expand marketing channel, and makes mega wholesale job easy.
  • Normative and regulated transaction process: Gem and jade identity ensures the quality of gem and jade merchandises.

Business Overview

CSGJE establishes a global internet platform for gems and jade industrial supply and demand chain in order to provide reliable, practical and legal transaction channels for gem and jade merchants, to solve problems faced by merchants at traditional supply channel, such as slow circulation of commodity , high commission charge, etc., and to ensure gem and jade products circulated regularly and legally.

Business Introduction


Most of common gem and jade products trade in traditional “offline” mode. CSGJE has qualified a legal auction license, set up a comprehensive O2O supply chain transaction system and provides one-stop service of entrusted management , storage, authentication, information release , transaction fund supervision, picking up and delivery, and issuing input tax invoice.

CSGJE ensures trading merchandises and funds of both parties under safety supervision, merchandises open for preview, and makes sure “trading online, inspection offline’ is functioning properly. Both mega wholesale auction and secure, legal, regular auctions- enlighten a brand new buy & sell mode of gem and jade industrial supply and demand chain.


Vertical member request information publish platform with massive supply channels can accurately match the most suitable buyer. CSGJE supervises the safety of purchase funds, and provides guarantees for the authenticity and legality of merchandise.

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