• It is difficult to distinguish genuine or fake gem and jade, cost of forgery of certificate is low, gem and jade origin is unable to trace.
  • Gem and jade identity and national-level authoritative certificate of authentication together forms “Double Certificates” system: just use mobile phone or other capable mobile handset to scan the QR code, tracing in real time and identifying on site. It provides multiple guarantees for gem and jade quality and accuracy of information.
  • One item with one certificate, traceable source and buyer, clear rights and obligations.
  • It helps to establish market integrity certification system, and build trustworthy brands with gems & jade merchants.

Business Introduction

Gem and jade identity is proudly supported by industry associations and leading enterprises. It is operated by CSGJE to record the legality, authenticity, price information for each piece of gem and jade merchandise, and grant legal identity for the merchandise, with the function of “One item with one certificate, traceable source and buyer, clear rights and obligations”.

Integrity System

The dissemination and promotion of gem and jade identity will form a comprehensive integrity system in gem and jade market, provide a reliable platform for all gem and jade merchants to co-build “Trustworthy Brands”, promote credibility of merchandise and increase sales. The consumer could also use gem and jade identity terminals to select the merchants from integrity system to find reliable merchandise.

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