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Important Notice Regarding the Rapaport Price List



(From:Rapaport News)




Dear Subscribers,

After careful consideration we are returning to our policy of publishing the Rapaport Price List on a weekly basis. The diamond markets are returning to activity and it is important that we have the flexibility to change our benchmark prices when and how we see fit.

We will not publish a weekly TradeSheet with discount prices as this additional price sheet has caused confusion and concern among retailers and added value suppliers that must charge higher prices for the important added value services they provide. We will be expanding our weekly RapNet Price List providing the best and average asking prices on RapNet.

While we will continue to regularly contact market participants for market and price information we will not establish a formal advisory committee due to anti-trust and security considerations. We are open to advice and information from all market participants and encourage them to contact us at

We will do our best to maintain 30-40% discount levels between the Rapaport Price List and our opinion of cash inter-dealer market discount prices while maintaining rational pricing structures that consider the quality and gemological characteristics of diamonds.

The Rapaport Price List will be published on Friday, June 12 and the next one will be on Friday, June 19.





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