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ALROSA Long-Term Customers Given Option to Buy Rough Through its Digital Platform in May Trading Session







ALROSA today said that it has offered the option to buy rough diamonds through its digital platform to its long-term customers. This is being done as business travel is still limited, and restricted by some countries due to COVID-19 pandemic.

There is currently a digital tender taking place -- between May 15 and May 29, 2020 -- at which ALROSA has offered over 800 rough diamonds ranging in size from 5-10 carats batches.

The Company said that the volume offered in its May trading session is the largest it has ever put on a digital tender. Detailed information about each diamond has been provided for remote evaluation. In the course of the tender, clients who have logged into their personal online account get full digital scans of auctioned stones, including data on their external shape, inclusions, colour, fluorescence, as well as photographs of the stones.

ALROSA said that for the convenience of its clients, it has “significantly upgraded” its trading system as well as online services. “Every lot has a separate web page with all its characteristics,” the Company said. “Given a large number of lots, clients have an opportunity to upload their bids for individual stones in a semi-automated mode.”

“We continue to evaluate various measures to support our clients in these challenging times with travelling restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic still in place,” said Evgeny Agureev, Deputy CEO of ALROSA. “Our offer gives customers interested in purchasing and ready to work remotely under current circumstances the opportunity to review and buy rough. After analysing the clients’ needs, the company for the first time puts such (a) vast amount of diamonds up for a digital tender. We consciously decided to sell stones separately, allowing clients to choose goods according to their needs and desired characteristics. Our proficiency in digital tenders allows us to offer clients a unique opportunity to make a commercial decision remotely instead of a traditional visit to the office, providing them with all information required.”







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