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Weak Yellow Market Hits Fancy-Color Prices



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Fancy-color diamond prices fell as a sharp decline in demand for yellows outweighed growth in other hues, according to the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF).

The organization’s Fancy Color Diamond Index for yellows fell 5.4% year on year in the fourth quarter, while prices for blues rose 0.2%, the FCRF said Monday. Pink fancy-color diamonds inched up 0.1%, with the overall index slipping 1.4%.

The only category of yellow diamonds showing a significant increase in the fourth quarter was the 10-carat, fancy-vivid yellow, which rose 1% versus the previous quarter, while 5 carats in the same hue saw the greatest price drop, falling 4.3%. Blues stayed mainly flat, with 5-carat, fancy-intense blues declining 2.2%, and those weighing 8 carats increasing 2%. Fancy-vivid-pink diamonds weighing 2 carats rose 1.7% during the period. 

The overall weakness in the diamond market also affected the prices of fancy-color stones, the FCRF noted. However, the organization believes prices will rise in the near future.

“The declines we witnessed in 2019 in the fancy-color index are a ripple effect caused by the double-digit decrease in the colorless category in the last few years,” said FCRF advisory board member Jim Pounds. “From the mining perspective, we are currently experiencing a shortage in high-quality fancy-color rough and we therefore feel quite optimistic about the future.”

Over the past decade, the overall index for fancy-color prices increased 77%, the FCRF said. Pink diamonds showed the largest increase, rising 116%, while blues grew 81% and yellows went up 21%.

The index tracks prices of yellow, pink and blue fancy-color diamonds in Hong Kong, New York and Tel Aviv.




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